Evil Maid Boils Employer’s Three-Month Old Baby Over Late Salary

A Bulawayo maid has boiled a three-month old baby belonging to her employer because of a late salary.

It is understood that the maid, Nokuthula Nyathi, usually gets paid on the first day of every month but at the time of the alleged incident, the woman’s salary was overdue by two days. She then decided to take Karen Dube’s 3-month old baby and boil the child for an hour before packing her belongings and leaving.

Dube got home from work to find her dead baby and fainted.

Apparently there is long-running dispute between Dube and Nyathi, with the employer accusing her of stealing among other things.

There is now a big push on social media to have the woman sentenced to death. It is sickening when you think of it. Boiling the poor child because of a late salary. What brings a person to even think of that as a form of retribution over late salary.

Prominent personality and wife to reggae artist Mic Inity posted this on the Star FM wall:

I am in TOTAL agreement with the building online appeal that the Maid who boiled the THREE month old baby on the stove due to late salary payment should be PUBLICLY HANGED! For once in my life I am grateful that Zimbabwe has capital punishment! She is a demon and must pay for what she did..it is not even fathomable.. I am all up for signing a petition.

She summarises the feelings of a lot of people in Zimbabwe.

  • kiri

    im still shocked ! its beyond evil it shows a new dimension of the society we are now living in and we should all be scared.

    • Now when you leave home and you leave a kid with your maid, you really wonder

    • lurker133

      Not a new dimension at all =( but it is always sickening. It really does make a strong case for fulltime parenting

  • Slow_B_O_Dan

    I am inclined to believe that the maid might be just extremely insane. Poor little child died a horrible death at the hands of a madwoman.

  • Melz

    Being a mother, you wonder just how safe our children are. This woman was evil and all over such an issue. She deserves serious punishment.

  • so if she is hanged publicly will it soothe you?

  • That is evils, how can a maid kill ababy like that