ED signs National Peace & Reconciliation Commission Act

The Zimbabwe government in its General Notice 2 of 2018 announced the that the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Act has been assented to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for his signature. He has signed it.

The Act is in line chapter 12 (6) of the constitution and seeks among other things to:

  • ensuring post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation,
  • developing and implementing programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion and the peaceful resolution of disputes,
  • encouraging people to tell the truth about the past and to facilitate the making of amends and the provision of justice,
  • developing procedures and institutions to facilitate dialogue between political parties, communities and other groups, and
  • taking appropriate action on complaints it has received from the public.

The publication of the Gazette was made by Chief Secretary of the Cabinet Misheck Sibanda.

The act will allow many to deal with Gukurahundi and other issues including colonial trauma.

This was a view supported by Standard Zimbabwe editor Kholwani Nyathi who says:

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