Econet’s extortionate mobile data bundle pricing

So when I dialed *140# on my phone I found out how much the pricing structure for mobile Internet is.

For those who don’t know Econet Wireless is the biggest mobile company in Zimbabwe. It rolled out what it called gprs and 3g services last year and they barely get you connected. So they have been giving out an uncapped mobile service for about USD25 a month for the longest now.

Now Strive and his boys have dug their way for South Africa and they have a broadband available. And they say better broadband which means they will now be selling the notorious bundles to users.

Now so the structure goes something like this

Econet bundle prices: US$2 for 5MB, US$20 for 50MB, US$40 for 100MB, US$50 for 200MB, US$75 for 500MB, US$98 for 1GB.

Now by any stretch of the imagination that is expensive. At a time when they were saying that affordable internet will be available, it seems as if they have massaged the word ‘affordable’ quite extensively.

That is a shame though.

Although of course there has been no official word from Econet the fact that it is there on their prompt service means it is true.

I guess the net is still seen as a luxury by most here.

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