First Draft Of Constitution Done But Has It Missed The Mark?

So the principal drafters of the new constitution have come up with the first draft of Zimbabwe’s supreme document.

The document will now go to technical experts who will have a closer look at it before moving it from there.

The draft proposal which has 18 chapters should be subject to a lot of debate with The Herald already picking points which it doesn’t fancy.

The final draft is expected to be ready by end of this month and then presented at the second all stakeholders conference (don’t they love names like that?).

What is not in there is the wild rumour that an upper age-limit will be put on the office of the presidency. We found it a bit silly when it was suggested by some media outlets to be the case. I think deciding an upper-age limit is retrogressive. Allowing the electorate decide on such matters is the more common sense approach.

Well, we will wait and see what happens because as we said, there are a few people who do not fancy it at this point. Issues such as land, citizenship among others seem have been ignored and are the basis of Zimbabwe’s sovereign status. Excluding such matters by the use of jargon is a nasty piece of business which will leave us in a worse place than the current one.

The lack of clarity on issues of such importance, we would rather put down to incompetence rather than plain con-artistry.

COPAC, which will approve this draft, needs to be wary of this.

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