Harare Doctor Gets 15 Years For Raping Patient

A Harare doctor has been convicted of rape and sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping a patient.

Alfred Mamsa, 56, who is said to have drugged the university student before raping her was convicted and sentenced by a Harare magistrate. He will serve an effective 11 years in prison after 4 were suspended.

His lawyer says he will appeal both conviction and sentence.

As we stated when he was charged, his defence was a little strange –  the fact that she had a genital infection-  and simply stupid. Men have been known to venture very dark and dangerous corridors when caught up in the moment. Then the argument that the drug he gave her caused hallucinations was also a bit surprising.

Maybe he was apologising for getting her high on her way home. Why did he escort her home? We have no idea but the court also found it strange. He failed to show the police which drug he gave her which caused that.

Behaviour of this sort is a disgusting and a disgrace to the medical fraternity.

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    the funny thing about this is that the prosecutions case was weak, the girls story was not convincing but the doctor dugg his own hole wen he admitted to drugging her with a drug that made her hulucinate……the same drug he failed to produce and worse he had zero medical records. he made himself look guilty