Desperate Zimbabwean Woman Found Dead In UK Flat

One of Mitchel Mandisi Mpofu’s last thoughts were that she deserved a better life than she was living. She felt as if nothing would go right in her life.

She was found dead in her flat in Guildford, London on 19 February and it is believed she had been dead since the 12th.

Through social media Mpofu had issued a cry for help. She had been miserable for her while as  could be seen through her blog.

I deserve better than saying sorry to me through a text, I deserve better than a man who can’t even say sorry to the person they love, I deserve better than a man who can’t even say I love u to their own girlfriend, I deserve better than a boyfriend who would tell me their own girlfriend to abort his own child, I deserve better than a best friend who can’t tell u everything is going to be fine when you need them to, I deserve better that a boyfriend who thinks and talks about my money more than my health, I deserve better than a boyfriend who would let me cry and hurt for over a week over his own pride and actions…

That was only a small part of the Bulawayo-born Mpofu’s final entry onto that blog dated 5 February 2012. For many, that would appear to be a rant, some would even suggest misdirected tantrums.

For over a month she blew up her twitter with messages of despair. Some of the messages even suggested she was pregnant. Of course, people wrote on her wall but you wonder how many people went over to see her and help her through her desperate moments. Even as she lay dead in her flat on the 18th of February on her birthday, still undiscovered, some wrote on her wall wishing her a long life.

Makes you think of that song by Stevie Wonder and Babyface, How Come How Long:

How come, how long
It’s not right, it’s so wrong
Do we let it just go on
Turn our backs and carry on
Wake up, for it’s too late
Right now, we can’t wait
She won’t have a second try
Open up your hearts
As well as your eyes

Maybe the Internet is causing us to be less human. We think just writing on someone’s wall is enough, when all we need is the love and affection that lives beyond the click of a mouse button. For all the ‘friends’ she had on the net, she died, desperate, alone and feeling unloved.

The cause of her death is still unexplained.

Rest In Peace Mitchel.

  • Sad story, the digital age is definitely a major contributor to being less human. RIP Mitchel

    • And sad thing is we are becoming proud of being less human

      • dinji


  • Lady Ife

    From what I read the only wrong thing was her relationship. I really do feel bad for not reaching out to her. May her soul rest in peace.

  • crimaihi6459

    Well as one of mitchel friends I tried to reach out to her several times to check on her and see how she was doing, but to no avail. I will miss you Mitchel. Your friend in MD.

    • It is hard. Really hard. Especially for those who tried because we like to think we could hve done more.

  • dum dum diddy

    i knew this chick PERSONALLY, she was insane. she broke in my house beat my dog and harrassed my granny with lewd phone calls and tried to get me fired from my job by slandering me and calling my job everyday. she’s not as innocent and sweet as people like to think. whoever her boyfriend was/is he should be thanking his stars

  • felop

    she got gangs involved when my mate broke up with her. cause i was his bestie tried to get us kicked out of uni, lied that she was pregnant, a constant needy manipulator. far from the victim people are making her to be. she never let anything go