Dear Nando’s: Not A Good Move

So there is an advert by Nando’s that has been doing the rounds on the web and what not, taking pot-shots at Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe in the most irreverent way.

The advert is tasteless and inappropriate.

Now, some will say this is just jest but I am not impressed, to say the least. Whatever differences Zimbabweans have with their leadership on whatever level, they will not stand for a foreign company making them the target of their jokes. Insinuating anything concerning a people’s leadership is disrespectful.

In essence what we are saying is that he is our president. He is not available for Nando’s comedy.  Much the same way that we will not make fun of any leader outside our borders –  especially for commercial gain  – we ask that Nando’s affords us with the same courtesy. No matter how clever one thinks it is, it is not a good move.

On top of that, mocking the dead is un-African so the advert is an affront to our value systems.I can not imagine anyone finding joy in the death or insinuating death to a sitting leader regardless of whatever discontent one may have. Nando’s should make grilled chicken -which they are pretty good at – not airing its political views in its ads.

Some of the liberals will say that it everyone is open to ridicule perceived or otherwise. We simply say that is not the point. For them, nothing is sacred anymore. We say we must not reduce ourselves to this. There must always be a line… and in this instance Nando’s has crossed it.

From what we know, the fall-out is complicated. We will be watching.

That is what we think. We will be curious to see what you think of the ad.

  • Jigga

    inowanika kupi advert yacho, ndoo zvatisingadi izvozvo…

  • Antimugabe

    If the shoe fit, do put it on. How can you be disrespectfull to a thing that don’t respect his own people,

    • well like ur name suggests, it seems your issue has nothing to do with why we think the advert is inappropriate

    • theblackchef

      dont you have better things to do i.e better your life . . your anti-Mugabe stance won’t work . . we cannot condone an advert that belittles our president if South Africa does it for Zuma or whoever Zimbabweans wont do it for President Mugabe . . . we were raised and educated better.

    • Anonymous

      But isnt that NOT the point??? I think the message is leave us alone we will sort this out ourselves????

  • Anonymous

    i watched that vid 7 times… all i feel is hunger

  • Bryanvandiekaap

    Oh please!! Mugabe is the PERFECT candidate available for Nandos comedy! Hes an absolute asshole who thinks only of himself,the sooner his ‘people’ catch onto the joke and use it to inspire the same revolutions that are happening elsewhere the better….

    • You understand so little about politics. I guess one man’s asshole is another man’s hero

      • Bryanvandiekaap

        I guess Hitler was a hero to a bunch of Germans as well,but would still love to know,with your countrys current situation,how on earth Mugabe is a hero to you??

        • More like, what does he mean to empowered black people in Zimbabwe. Now that our tobacco is almost record 1996 levels and that strategic grain reserve has been reached and the economy is now being driven by the masses?

          Mugabe is slightly different depending on your race I guess.

          • Bryanvandiekaap

            Well I guess I will leave it there as youre starting to bring race into the equasion,half my friends are from Zim,Congo and Transkei and I dont intend turning this chat into a racial debate…
            All the best for your country…

          • thanks