Four Dead, Many Injured at TB Joshua’s Church in Accra

Four people died and at least 20 were injured at Nigerian preacher TB Joshua’s church in Accra Ghana  in a rush for his latest version of holy water.

TB Joshua's new holy water

TB Joshua’s new holy water

The incident happened at the  Spintex Road branch of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). The anointed water was said to be a gift from the head pastor of the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua, who released the water on 12 May 2013 in Lagos.

When the water was made available, there as a stampede resulting in the deaths and injuries.

A minister of the church, Rev. Sam Mc-Canaan, described the casualties as unfortunate and unprecedented.

Yep, people believed the solution to their problems lay in a little bottle of water labeled ‘blood of Jesus’ supplied by TB Joshua. In fact some of the people spent the night at church to make sure they didn’t miss out. This was like the new iPhone all over again.

This life, is not for playing.

But wait… should he not have been able to predict this?

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