Three Dead In Boiler Tank Blast

Three people died in Mount Hampden on Friday after a pressurised tobacco curing boiler tank exploded while they were working on it.

The accident happened at Hwata Farm where the three were employed. A fourth was taken to hospital.

The boiler had been installed by farm hands the day before and was without a pressure gauge.

The farm is owned by Mr Phineas Hwata of Lot M Homefield Road.

You think that if the installation had been done by professionals the tragedy would have been avoided. A lot of people are cutting corners to avoid costs but at what risk. Now three people are dead all because someone couldn’t be bothered to get the right people to do the job.

We are not suggesting that Mr Hwata is an evil man who doesn’t care about his employees. He is on record as saying that he had gone to attend to a sick worker. Also he had advised them to turn the pressure down.

What is being said is that health and safety comes before a few dollars. As Bob Marley said on his death bed, money can’t buy life.

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)