Daily News Claims Makandiwa Is Trying To Have It Shut Down

Zimbabwe’s Daily News is claiming that charismatic religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa is going all out to have it shut down.

Makandiwa it claims has written to the Zimbabwe Media Commission to have this happen.

It seemed that the tiff between the two sides had ended after it was reported a few weeks ago that they had come to settlement over a $2 million lawsuit.

Daily News Group Editor, Stanley Gama, accused Makandiwa of being economical with the truth which is pretty much corporate speak for calling someone a liar.

Gama says he personally wrote a letter to the preacher explaining the error on top of the paper publishing a retraction. Makandiwa wanted an apology republished and when that didn’t happen he approached ZMC and asked them to use the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) to punish the paper.

Gama added that ‘Makandiwa and his lawyers were taking an evil root of having the Daily News closed down and expressed concern that the so-called man of God was working with opponents of democracy to destroy it’. What the second part of that statement means we are not sure.

It is unfortunate if the controversial preacher takes this route, especially citing a law that people generally do not like. There are ways to deal with these things magnanimously.

However this is just one side of the story.


  • Common Sense

    if the paper believes it has democratic news to soil someone’s life then it is democratically right for the same person to try and close it down ! If possible…..that is !

    • Well it appears as if they apologised and explained the error which in most countries is sufficient

  • Elijah on Mount Carmel just called fire from the Lord and dealt with the naysayers. A true prophet and man of God reports to the highest authority and leaves the vengeance to him… Sit Down!