Top Cop Dines With Alleged Criminals

In a scene taken out the Jackie Selebi playbook a senior police officer is facing a disciplinary charge for inviting two alleged criminals to an end-of-year party for Harare South District Police, The Herald reports.

Reports claim that Officer Commanding Operations Superintendent Sibanda is said to have invited the criminals and bought a crate of Zambezi beers which did not go down well with the Crime Consultative Committee. This happened in full view of other cops, after the guest of honor had left.

If this is true, what gets us worried is the fact that these alleged criminals were not arrested when they came to the party by the other cops. That for me gets me worried because I generally like to trust the police. We are incurable optimists. A lot can be said by the level of corruption in the force but we think the Zimbabwe Republic Police tend to try to do the right thing.

That said, it does nothing for the confidence of people who want to be protected by the law to see the enforces of it protecting perpetrators. What is done when said criminal does something nasty to me? Does he get arrested or is he protected?

Will you get protected?