Cops Investigating Harare Water Poisoning Case

The police have opened a docket which they have sent to the Attorney General’s office following last week’s incident in which Harare’s water was almost poisoned.

The AG’s office is currently trying to figure out what to charge ‘the many people’  linked to the blunder.

19 tonnes of sodium cyanide almost made it into Harare’s water which would have potentially killed thousands of people. It is said the truck was clearly marked poisonous which should have raised a few eyebrows.

Now the clearing agent and the transporter are calling each other names which will of course will excite the police.

Essentially on is accusing the other of not carrying out due diligence. Stupid is a word that was used too.

Whatever happens, someone has to be brought to book for this. For the companies, it is perhaps time they had a look at their systems  going forward, so that something like this never happens again.

At this stage, all we need are answers and the reassurance that we are protected.

  • Donnel

    Truly. Mwari vakapindira apa. Hapana aizozvigona izvi. Imagine, who would bury who?