Condoms in Zimbabwe Schools: Why Not?

The National Aids Council (NAC) has proposed the introduction of condoms in schools as part of efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The prudes of course have come out screaming at the top of their lungs. They say that this gives the kids the license to have sex at an early age.

Newsflash! The kids are already having sex. They are even doing it more than their parents at the moment. So let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that they are not doing it. Not that I am saying that they should be doing it and that we should be encouraging them, but if they are having sex, don’t you want them having access to contraceptives?  Think too of the number of teenage pregnancies we could avoid.

Then add this to the fact that the prudes have created a holy grail out of the very purchase of condoms. For this lot getting a pack is a secret mission to be carried out by Jack Bauer, James Bond, Jason Bourne and Joshua Bango of Zimbabwe’s central intelligence. Sex is still taboo and as far as they are concerned people are only doing it to have kids. With this initiative at least the kids are being introduced to condom culture at a young age before they are affected by cynicism and warped societal bile.

I come from a generation that is partly unshackled from this ideal-based way of thinking. So I know just a wee-bit about what i am talking about here. It took a rebellious attitude among a few to push the envelope towards some sort of emancipation.

Some pressure groups say we should be pushing abstinence more. Fair and fine but when did telling kids what and what not to do ever stop them from breaking the rules. Given the options though, would a parent rather have their teenager come home with a baby or a sexually transmitted disease than have them protected?

How many of our parents knew when we became sexually active? Even if they did, more often than not, it was never discussed, so we had to find out about contraceptives and the lot by ourselves. Now we all know that is not the best way to do things.

Some will say it is down to how you raise your children but even the most disciplined kids are going to get up to something.

Think of it this way. God made Lucifer, an angel. Free will turned him into the Devil.

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