Condoms Going For $5 On Bulawayo’s Black Market

Bulawayo’s condom shortage has seen the protective gear fetch as much as $5 on the black market.

For the men who like that extra-comfort when engaging in coitus, i.e. brands that cost more than the free and people-friendly-priced condoms, it has become a bit of task getting some in Bulawayo.

It is suspected that a truck is stuck somewhere full of condoms that cannot get to the people waiting for them meaning there are men out there who are either having to settle for a brand they do not like or God-forbid, going without.

Normally these brands fetch between $2 and well, $3.

So for the fellas who buy sex, the budget just up by, well, 2 or 3 dollars but you see the point.

As we speak some kid is probably thinking of raiding a few Harare shops and sending the stuff over to Bulawayo.

Life is real out there.