Civil Servants Threaten Strike Action

Zimbabwe’s 230,000 civil servants say they will go on strike next week Thursday if their salaries are not increased.

They want their salary to be upped to a minimum of $538 a month. The Apex council on Wednesday met Public Service Minister Lucia Matibenga, but nothing materialised.

The Minister said she would take the matter to the principals in the GNU – President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

The last increment they received was in July of last year which left the lowest-paid Government worker earning US$253 from US$128.

Finance Minister Tendai Biti made no provision for salary increments for civil servants in his 2012 budget.

The real question however, should be: Where does the money come from? The wage bill for civil servants already gobbles up the majority of the annual budget and a doubling of salaries will leave the government in areas and no money for anything else.

I feel for those who have to live on salaries that low, but until the government has more money, they can’t give more money. It’s not like they could just print the money, you know.

Source: Herald

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