Civil Servants Demand Three-Quarters Of The National Budget

Civil Servants’s salary demands will push the Zimbabwe government’s wage bill to $3 billion it has emerged. This information came to light after they rejected a $52 increase for the lowest paid civil servant in a package offered by their employer, the government.

They want $534 for the lowest-paid civil servant and cumulatively the $3billion will be just $1billion short of the revenue expected to be collected this year by treasury. Also, $600 million of that is uncertain given that it is expected to be generated from diamond sales, which themselves are dogged with all sorts of problems.

As it stands, like we have always said, civil servants desperately need an increase but until the figures are better this cannot be satisfactorily done.

There are 236,000 civil servants.

  • truth

    High time government streamlined its workforce. Let’s be honest with each other, we don’t need 8 people to process 1 passport application, get rid of all the unnecessary draconian processes of most government institutions. Truth is, if the private sector worked like government did, we would have a field day in the press about the incompetence of the organization. The 236 000 workforce probably should be halved, and yes that’s 118 000 jobs lost, but the savings in salaries can be used to properly stimulate growth in enterprises that inevitably will pay more taxes and create employment. Problem is no one wants to bite the bullet and do what’s right.

    • You know what the funny thing is though? There are a lot of people in the private sector who get paid less than govt