Chiyangwa Position on Disgraced Rushwaya’s Appointment Regrettable

A war has broken between Affirmative Action Group Founding President Phillip Chiyangwa and the Supa Mandiwanzira-led executive over the appointment of women to the board, on of them, the recently sacked ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya.

While having women in the upper echelons of the body is a noble idea, choosing Rushwaya who by her own actions has disgraced a whole country as well as women in general is disturbing. It poses questions about the credibility of the AAG itself.

Of course Chiyangwa himself has not covered himself in glory by saying that he alone had the ‘sole appointing authority’. He went to say that any dissenting voices would result in the ejection from the body. If he is ultimately the decision maker and neither attempt at consensus nor debate is entertained, does it make the organisation his little pet project?

Further to that I am told Rushwaya was not even a member of AAG prior to her appointment. If that is true, what does it say to the other women who joined the organisation at member level and have been working their way to the top. Would the AAG not be best served by appointing one of those to Vice President. Wouldn’t that be a bigger victory for the empowerment of women?

  • alist3rr

    Rushwaya’s imposition has
    infuriated Temba Mliswa, the
    current AAG deputy president.
    But Chiyangwa is quoted in the
    Herald Tuesday saying that he
    was “the sole appointing
    authority” and that Rushwaya
    was taking the post of vice
    president responsible for
    international empowerment and
    corporate affairs.
    Mandiwanzira’s excutive said it
    had “learnt with surprise an
    announcement in the press
    orchestrated by Ms Rushwaya
    where in she tried to appoint
    herself to the leadership of the
    Affirmative Action Group as its
    vice president.”
    Chiyangwa said all the members
    had no option but to accept the
    founding council’s new
    Chiyangwa has also seconded
    Jennifer Mhlanga as vice
    president for gender
    “I am the founding president
    and I am the sole appointing
    authority,” Chiyangwa said. “Ms
    Rushwaya and Ms Mhlanga are
    the new vice presidents. I am
    the only one who makes
    presidential appointments and
    any dissenting voice, you are
    out of AAG. That is what the
    constitution says.