Chiyangwa Sues Nehanda Radio

Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa is seeking permission to electronically serve UK-based Zimbabwe-linked site Nehanda Radio with papers, suing them for $250 million.

Phil Chiyangwa v Lance Guma - PIC Byo24News

Phil Chiyangwa v Lance Guma – PIC Byo24News

Chiyangwa accuses Nehanda Radio of defamation over various articles and programmes portraying him as an HIV-infected womaniser.

Chiyangwa contests those claims and says he has HIV tests to prove this true.

He also took exception to the publication painting him as a corrupt businessman. The lawsuit is against Lance Guma, the managing editor of Nehanda Radio.

Nehanda Radio says it is has never claimed that Chiyangwa was HIV-positive nor did it claim that Chiyangwa had forcibly had sex with Lindsey Ndlovu adding:

Nehanda Radio is based in the United Kingdom and any lawsuit filed at the High Court in Zimbabwe is a silly publicity stunt. Chiyangwa knows he has a clumsy case that is why he is deliberately approaching a court with no jurisdiction over us. 

It claims it has proof the alleged womanising by Chiyangwa as well as supposed corrupt business practices.

This is going to be fun.

With information from ZBC and Nehanda Radio

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