Chitungwiza Explosion Details Emerge

The traditional healer who was at the centre of the ‘mysterious’ explosion in Chitungwiza this afternoon has been identified as Speakmore Mandere.

Mandere who is pictured below with his wife was consulting with a South Africa-based business man, in his house in Zengeza 2, when the explosion occurred around 3pm on Monday. Mandere, the businessman and two of his associates were among the dead as well as a seven month old baby. All in all 5 people were confirmed dead.

Picture of traditional healer whose house exploded killing him and four others in Chitungwiza Harare

The late Speakmore Mandere and his wife

The businessman’s wife was left in the car and the police say she will be critical to investigations.

The circumstances surrounding the death remain unclear as there was no fire ruling out the gas explosion theory. Locals have been claiming supernatural powers were behind this act with some suggesting that it was a lightning ritual gone wrong. A clay pot which Mandere had been using was said to be still intact after the blast together with the medicines.

Up to to 12 houses within a 50 metre radius of the house were affected with some having their roofs blow off.

Police have sent in forensic specialists  but they have already ruled out the possibility of a bomb being behind the blast. They have not ruled out the superstitious lightning theory.

We are sure we will be scratching our heads well into tomorrow over this one.

Thoughts are with those affected.

Chitungwiza is about 30km outside Harare.

  • Did Makandiwa say anything about this before? Would be interesting to find out… coz this seems to me to be something much more “prophecy-worthy” than people finding minerals in a country renowned for its mineral wealth….

    • Of course he didn’t unless he pieces a few videos together and creates a montage claiming he did

    • kikkiiki but finding minerals in your pocket mmmm…. thats something else

  • Mr_popular

    @shaun its safe to say this slid under Makandiwa’s radar!

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