Chitungwiza Blast: Survivor Says There Was A Goblin

In yet another twist to the Chitungwiza blast a survivor says that the blast was caused by a ritual that went wrong.

Clara Banda who was an associate of the traditional healer Speakmore Mandere says everything went south after the goblin was beheaded.

So the story is that the businessman, Clever Kamudzeya came with a money-spinning goblin he wanted to get rid of because it started making extreme demands. He offered $15,000 for this. As traditional experts had suggested before, Banda confirmed that it was from another country.

Telling the story to The Sunday Mail, Banda said that a team of traditional healers was congregated by Mandere and discussed what to do for three days. On the fourth day, Kamudzeya brought the goblin in question.

Banda and a few others were in a different room while the main ceremony was being carried out in the bedroom.

When Mandere beheaded the goblin, Kamudzeya told his wife to get the cash from the car. While she was doing the goblin fought back, there was a loud sound, an explosion and the rest is history.

Five people died in the blast including a seven month old baby in Zengeza 2.

Police have been pursuing an angle involving a bomb but Banda’s angle thrusts us back  into the supernatural world. They keep saying that investigations will take a while.

If the supernatural is responsible for this blast, do they have a department that investigates the other world?

With information from The Sunday Mail(Zimbabwe)