Chitungwiza Blast: Cops Say It Was Explosives

Zimbabwe police say that the Chitungwiza blast was caused by explosives.

On top of that, they say there are two cases from before that are related to that blast.

Police chief spokeoperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said while investigations were still going on they were pretty sure that it as explosives.

She added that reports that one of the dead was an ex-soldier were inaccurate. However an ex-policeman died in the blast.

So far three people have been arrested in connection with messing around with explosives. Asst Comm Charamba said these were connected to the two cases in Waterfalls, one in which four fingers were blown off.

This goes against claims by one of the survivors that the blast was as a result of a goblin extermination ritual gone wrong.

So it is a bomb then.

  • Jack dee

    Can we have detailed specifics Pliz?…like evidence of shrapannels they have, triggers if any , chemical composites on burnt materials etc rather than just giving us concluded theories which is why people end up just believing anything .
    The reporting and the police statement even if investigations are still going on are rather weak .
    Mayb the police have nothing except conjectures on similar connections they purport justify their statement..!