Chitungwiza Blast: Now It’s An Anti-Tank Mine

State media is reporting that the Chitungwiza blast may have been caused by an anti-tank mine.

Today’s edition of The Herald quotes ‘sources close to the investigation’ as saying that the damage was consistent with a landmine.

Police continue say investigations are still in progress but as we reported yesterday, they have narrowed everything down to a bomb. It was also reported that two of the men who died were an ex-cop and someone linked to the military.

It is said they brought the landmine to the traditional healer who died in the explosion so he could extract the red mercury which they would then sell in Johannesburg. Why you would ask an amateur sangoma to extract red mercury is beyond us here on the boat.

The Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association still insists a sandawana that emits lightning was the cause.

We think we will go with the police on this one.