Chinamasa Blasts Zimbabwe Justice Delivery System

Everyone and their cousin will tell you that the justice delivery system in Zimbabwe is pretty corrupt. They say all you have to do is have the right lawyer who knows the right police officer. It helps if you know both. One of that lot has to know the right court official.

Justice and Legal Affairs Minister Patrick Chinamasa admitted as much, that the rot was in the section he should have an eagle over.

The Herald quotes him as saying:

In the fight against corruption, we have been leaving out the prison officers and lawyers in private practice. But I was surprised to learn that some prison officers were busy advising suspects to engage services of known corrupt lawyers who knew which corrupt police officers and corrupt court officials to deal with.

Much like the standard if pretty much every other service we find in the country, the justice system has suffered from a skills drain. This is partly due to people leaving the country as well as some simply not taking the profession as seriously as before. Then of course, there are the corrupt ones.

While the good minister has come out and spoken against the graft there is little that is said about those whose cases do not get to the courts because of who they are related to. We all know about those.

It is not all doom and gloom though. The Law Society of Zimbabwe is currently involved in an intensive skills review exercise. That might get rid of the incompetent ones, but what about the corrupt lot?

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