Chief Tears Into Mini-Skirts Over Rains

In typical human fashion where we blame anything but the real reason for anything going wrong, a traditional chief has sensationally  blamed mini-skirts for the dry spell in his area, Bulawayo 24 News reports.

Chief Masuku of the Mapoto district of Matabeleland South says the mini-skirts ‘anger God’ and God won’t let it rain until women stop wearing mini-skirts.

Now I respect chiefs as much as the next man but to suggest that while the world has a lot more evil going on, the sole reason why the Almighty would punish people because they were wearing mini-skirts is a bit rich. Such a comment ignores the fact that in regions where women wear even shorter skirts and engage in dodgier activities, the sun shines and rain falls.

That type of ranting is a bit irresponsible to be fair. That is the reason why women get beaten up, raped and the works for wearing mini-skirts in town. A  woman in Harare knows that when she walks in town, she can’t show her legs because the lay-abouts in the form of hwindis (touts) and street men will tear her skirt up. Quite why exactly they feel they should do that is probably linked to comments of that nature.

Funny thing is, many of those who preach from the rooftops about the immorality of miniskirts – maybe the chief aside – get excited when they see women in short skirts. In fact, those are the ones they like!

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