Charlie Hebdo Shooting Suspects Killed

Reports say the two Charlie Hebdo suspects who were holed up in a warehouse in northern Paris have been killed.

Said and Cherif Kouachi had a hostage with them in the Printworks factory in DanMartin. Reports at this time say that the hostage is safe.


French media said the standoff ended after police released stun grenades resulting the brothers coming out shooting at which point they were gunned down. A French security officer was injured.

Another gunman Amedy Coulibally who was behind the killing of a police officer on Thursday who was holding hostages in a kosher grocery store in an eastern surbuub of France was ‘neutralised’. It is being reported that at least four of the hostages have died. Two of the officers who stormed the shop were injured.

The storming of the two sites were close to each other because Coulibally had said that if anything happened to the Kuoachi brothers he would start killing hostages.

This brings an end to a quite incredbible two and half days in Paris which were set off by the killing of 12 people at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.