How Much Would You Charge For A Marriage of Convenience?

I was reading an article in The Herald in which a woman was paid $10 for a marriage of convenience. She came forward and she now wants the marriage dissolved.

This happened in 2006 and said woman who is a vendor was approached and carried out this transaction for the man in question. He also committed to paying for her visits to her kumusha(rural home) every christmas.

Now there are a lot of people who are in marriages of convenience at the moment. Just that the benefits of being in one are much better than the  poor $10 lady so they aren’t really going to go and try get out of it.

I wonder how much one would accept as payment. Like, what is enough is enough for your troubles. Essentially you are going to behave like the wife or husband, but how far do you go? What is the extent to which you can keep behaving and creating that illusion? How much is enough? And how do they try to circumvent the lobola/roora issues? Or is there a price that is paid?

When you really think of it, marriage in itself is a contract. And with contracts there are terms. Marriage is pretty straightforward when it comes to this. There is conversation, sex, washing, cleaning, running the bath, taking the trash outside, toilet seat manners and the promise not to have sex with other people.

So in this contract there must be things that you must give up and gain to put on the show. And to fulfill those obligations there must be set penalties and priviledges. How much are those worth?

If you were presented with the chance to make  that ‘easy money’ would you take it? And how much would you charge?