On Chamisa’s Love Letter to Mugabe

They can paint me black but it doesn’t matter, I’m as white as a white dove
– Nelson Chamisa

The ICT Minister who also is one of the suits at the MDC-T, Hon Nelson Chamisa is made the headlines this week after he sent a note to a fellow Minister praising that old codger, the Head of State and Goverment, Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Forces, First Secretary of Zanu-Pf as well as errr… yeah President Robert Mugabe. Of course he has come out swinging claiming that it was all part of some elaborate scheme meant to result in his death or something or the other. He ranted for a while. A bit too long I am afraid.

He denied sending the note but he didnt denounce Mugabe. He said what the note said. His beef is with ZANU-Pf.

It has been the word about town for a while that he is cozy with the ZANU-Pf guys and they tend to like him and stuff. He is one of those that they trust.

Of course this will probably play out for a while.

But it isn’t so bad is it Hon Chamisa. Not like you said you want to suck on his proverbials. You simply admire the person. Big deal. One can dislike Manchester United but still admire Sir Alex Ferguson.

Not that you will start sending notes to his assistants and stuff. That is a bit…