Who cares, Mr Giggs?

Ryan Giggs is  a wonderful footballer and a great servant to the game. Manchester United fans are particularly fond of him because he has been a constant in the golden era of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The thing they have loved endlessly about him is that he has stayed out of trouble. He has been something of a good boy really.

Then of course he went horizontal while naked with Imogen Thomas, ex-Big Brother UK contestant. Oh yeah, Giggs is married and all.

So then he decided to have a super-injunction against Imogen so that she couldnt mention him as the creeper and he went one step further and sued Twitter because tens of thousands of users knew it was him and, well to be perfectly honest, his lawyer was having a bit of a laugh spending the idiot’s money.

Now to be honest, we don’t care who Mr Giggs has a thing with. He could squirting inside his kids’ nanny for all we care. All this super-injunction business where he wants to gag the world is a farce. I reckon if he hadn’t gone overboard like this the whole thing would have blown over in a few days.

You are no longer that high-profile Mr Giggs and you’re , to be perfectly honest, a pillock.

Still a decent footballer though…