Bulawayo Cab Driver ‘Murdered’

A 62 year-old cab driver from Bulawayo was found dead in the Suburbs area of Bulawayo with injuries consistent with murder.

Israel Themba Khoza who was a driver  Red Star Mini Cabs, had injuries to his head and neck from unknown blunt and sharp objects and it seems as if the killers dragged the body and dumped it in a storm drain along Clarke Road.

Police are currently on a manhunt for the assailants. The Chronicle  quoted them as saying that if any members of the public had any information that could assist them in finding perpetrators, they should call  Hotline Numbers (09) 885479, 999, 995 or use the suggestion boxes dotted across the city.

It had us thinking about the dangers that come with being a cab driver. Oftentimes we knock on the window of one of them in the middle of the night and they open their door up to strangers of all sorts. The intentions of these strangers are never as clear and honest as they should be. The dangers that come with that job are never really apparent.

Makes you think about the next time you want to pay $2 instead of $3 for a local drop. Think of the risk that comes with that job.

Our thoughts are with Mr Khoza’s family.