Brodacom Noise Ends In Anti-Climax

Brodacom has been making a few noises about being the next big thing in Zimbabwe’s data and voice industry. The red adverts and red website which was online for a wee-bit then they took it down.

Then Techzim published their tariffs and the data charges are a bit ridiculous. For a 1GB capped at 256Kbps speed you are charged  $95 a month. Now ZOL, competitor is charging $99 for $2GB at 512Kbps. In real terms that means they are charging 4 times as much as ZOL.

You would think that they would have the capacity to charge less.

It is not all doom and gloom though. Their voice charges are pretty much as low as Africom’s. Brodacom to Brodacom charges are at 6 cents, outside the network at 12 cents and 31 cents for international calls (although Telecel will charge less for international calls).

It is a bit of an anti-climax I am afraid