Brazilian Football Star Kills Mistress, Feeds Her To His Dogs

Brazilian football star Bruno Fernandes has gone on trial, accused of ordering the killing of a former lover and then feeding her to his pet rottweilers.

Fernandes who was set to play for Brazil in the next World Cup is accused of murdering model Eliza Samudio to avoid paying child support after she gave birth to his love child.

The gruesome story is that Fernandes, along with a gang including his wife Dayane, nother ex-lover, a younger cousin and a former policeman turned hitman Luiz Santos.

The prosecution case is that Eliza Samudio was lured to a hotel in Rio de Janeiro on the pretext of obtaining a DNA test to prove the footballer was the father of her child.

She and her baby son were then abducted and taken to the footballer’s home in Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais.

There, it is alleged, she was held captive. According to police reports, she was then strangled, her body cut up and parts were fed to dogs.

Her body was then chopped up and taken to one of his properties where it was fed to hid dogs. The child was abandoned in a slum. DNA tests proved later that it was his child. The child is being taken care of by Samudio’s mother.

Another key witness in the case, another of Bruno’s cousins who admitted helping take Samudio to the place where she died, was shot dead in Belo Horizonte in August this year.

Fernandes denies any wrongdoing and says Samudio left the country, under a false passport.

The police think he is talking rubbish.

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