Botswana Railways resumes Francistown-Bulawayo route

Botswana Railways has resumed its Bulawayo-Francistown Express service route, which it abandoned in the early 2000s.

Botswana Railways Express

The announcement was made on the 20th of December and took effect that day.

The passenger train will depart Francistown at 0700hrs and arrive in Bulawayo at 1230hrs. Upon return, the train will depart Bulawayo at 1415hrs and arrive in Francistown at 1945hrs.

It is P70 per person for a ride.

The run is in partnership with the National Railways of Zimbabwe.

A good look given the number of fatal road accidents happening at the minute. Sure it takes five and a half hours as opposed to under three hours by car but you will find with the comfort and reliability of the service, many will probably get on it.


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