Is Biti a Better Leader for MDC-T than Tsvangirai?

The latest Wikileaks cables make for some interesting reading and a lot of people will be left with a lot of questions to answer.

On the boat over a swig and a chin-wag we wondered for a moment whether Finance Minister and MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti would make for a better leader of the party than Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

On the face of it, the answer seems a little obvious. One cannot ignore the star power that Tsvangirai has and the fact that he has been the face of his party since the start does well for him. Also the western governments like to tell him things and he likes to listen to things.

However from a pure strategy point of view he seems a bit weak. He has made innumerable gaffes while Biti has kept his to a minimum. Also Biti seems to have a plan when sets out to do something while his boss seems to wing it. Surely he could do with better advisors.

The thing that does count against Biti is the fact that he doesnt fancy diplomacy much. He is a bit of a radical and for a number one, that is a bad idea. Whether he is more likely to listen to those around him who do not necessarily agree with him still remains to be seen as he has not been exposed in that capacity but you have to wonder if that would make a better option for his party.