Big Brother Africa Amplified is Big Brother Pornographic

I am not a fan of reality tv and I will never be a fan of reality tv. But I am a fan of bare minimums when it comes to morals. Big Brother Africa on the other hand is more inclined to having its minimums being on clothing and a penchant towards deviant natures.

Yes we all know sex sells but it seems as if they picked a bunch of nymphs and threw them into the same house. One friend said the girls look horny and the housemates, the whole lot of them are a bunch of drunks.

To be honest I couldn’t give a toss but when I heard 15 year olds talking about condoms all over the place in the morning(might be a bit of creative license on their part here), I was disturbed.

They call it freedom of speech but parading such immorality is irresponsible on the part of the organisers. Even in countries that pride themselves in deviant behaviour, such conduct would be much frowned upon.

And don’t tell me they didnt encourage it because if that is fact, then man landed on the moon!