Bakers Cut Bread Price

The price of bread will fall on Friday and even further in the coming months.

Bread Loaf
Teuobk / Foter / CC BY

This will be by a cool 10% and then further going forward.

The price had been pegged at $1 since ‘dollarisation’ due to non-availability of change.

With bond coins now in circulation this is no longer the case so bread could fall as low 85 cents. Still this will be above the average price in the region.

On top of that retailers will no longer be allowed to mark up more than 10%. That means we will have weird pricing of bread, one at 80 cents, another 83 cents and even 92 cents.

We think this is a good look and although it means little to some, in these harsh times, it helps to save just that little bit.

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