Avoiding Sex Like The Copper Butterfly

The female copper butterfly has sex once in its life. Yes, once.

Now it is not like it lives for 150 odd years but in that short space of time it mates but once. Yes. You think you have it bad that you havent had it in 3 weeks. The critters, do it once.

And how do they avoid unwanted attention? By closing their wings. Yes, Just closing their wings. I am sorry. If you were expecting a more complex argument that involves knights and Dumbledore, that is not it.

One of those geeks in white coats and thick glasses wrote in the journal Ethology that persistent attempts but males to mate often caused harm to the female copper butterfly so it closes its wings to avoid sexual harassment.

Interestingly enough if a different type of butterfly waltzed by they were not that bothered.

Virgins on the other hand keep their wings open to get attention from the males.

Much the same as it is in women. Before they get married, they want to show off as much as possible to attract the male. Then when they have won, they find a sack, put it on, put barbed wire around their unmentionables, cross their legs and put a sign written…

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