Aussie burger store issues black Zim man receipt with racial slur

When Nicholas Muchinguri went to a burger boutique in Melbourne, Australia with his friends he had no idea what sort of storm it would torch.

Rutendo and Nicholas Muchinguri

A few hours later his wife Rutendo posted a receipt that referred the group as ‘niggas’.

The receipt with the racial slur

She added:

It is so disappointing that in a place where my husband spent his hard earned money, he received this sort of disgracefully discriminatory treatment. Its exhausting that in 2017, in a modern and multicultural society some of your staff remain insensitive to the impact that this insidiously nasty and vile word has.

The Burger Project, three hours later, then said it had reached out to the victim and terminated the employment of the person concerned. Rutendo called them out in a post she tagged them saying they had lied and no apology had been offered.

The fact that you are lying that you reached out and apologised as soon as you found out, makes me so mad!! It wasn’t until hours after my post that you edited your post to include an apology.

It was until the next day that celebrity chef Neil Perry who owns the shop personally called Nicholas to offer an apology, according to Rutendo that the issue seemed to be put to bed.

The story has gained traction on the international wires and is a PR nightmare for the organisation and shows that even in 2017, there are challenges that need fixing, no matter how progressive a society likes to think it is.

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