As Zimbabwe doctors threaten to go on strike…

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association has released a circular stating their intention to go on strike.

2008.11.25 - The physician

The strongly worded statement refers to a ‘lipstick approach by the Ministry of Health to honour the on call allowances agreement’ with the previous leadership.

Our doctors including well-trained consultants still go to work on public transport despite the earlier promise to unveil a motor vehicle duty free facilty.

The statement was also critical of the ‘gallows of the capital hungry University’ adding that doctors furthering their studies were donating salaries to fees.

The doctors state that these are a few examples of the ‘neglect’ of health workers while ‘responsible authorities swim in bread and butter and their kids are flying to school’.(sic)

The doctors have two main demands:

  1. Doctors who have finished internship must not have their contracts terminated. If the state can’t employ them, they must be given open practicing certificates.
  2. The current on-call allowance be revised to $720 for the lowest paid doctor.
  3. The Health Services Board urgently implements duty-free framework

As it stands the strike looks like it will go ahead on Wednesday. A doctor who we spoke to did say casualty would remain open throughout the strike.

There may be a complication with some doctors but they hope to sort it all out.

With 2018 just a wee bit away, this will be an interesting moment for the sitting government.