As Zim mobile data charges go up by 2,500%…

So remember when your daily data bundle used to get you 250mb for $1 on Econet? Yes, yesterday.

Yes that was last week. Now that same $1 will get you $10MB. Yes one US Dollar will get you just 10mb, that is about 2 songs. Or you could open state’s Herald website homepage four times and you’d need more data.

If you are a content developer, the government has effectively cut the local market. For most, mobile Internet is their primary form of access to the Internet.

Whereas the Internet is seen as an equaliser in more progressive, where anything is possible, in Zimbabwe it ha snow been reserved for the well-heeled. Because the people hit the biggest here are the innovators. The price of innovation has just gone through the roof. The entry point for potential subscribers to a product has just exploded.

The Potraz directive makes the campaigns it held around the country to get young Zimbabweans advancing the digital revolution a complete waste of time, money and other resources.

And there are wider implications according to Joe Ruzvidzo of Consumerizim:

In one move, Telecoms Minister Supa Mandiwanzira has managed to strike a body blow not just against social media dissent, but also against Zimbabwe’s widespread family units and relationships.

The loss of OTT services such as WhatsApp and Viber may have a direct effect on diaspora remittances, which the same government has been touting as a vital part of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery under the so-called ZIMASSET.

We just do not understand how you use a 2,500% increase in cost to deal with a 10-12% loss in revenue.

Yes, there is that other arbitrary 10MB over WiFi but if you are out in Dulibadzimu, where do you get that WiFi?

Potraz’s latest will price consumers out of Internet access

The Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe clearly doesn’t care about the consumer. Or the innovator. And as innovators take their solutions to neighbouring countries with a more favourable environment, they will obviously blame anyone else and their cousins plus aliens for this.

And you wonder what parliament will do.

Dog’s bollocks looking like mustard compared to this.


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