Arundel Village Spar Evicted

In what came as a shock for people who frequent the place, the niche Arundel Village Spar was evicted on Friday.

While rent is the reason most people are evicted one would hardly think that was the issue with a place like that. Unless of course there was an unreasonable hike which got everyone tits-up and calling each other names.

Arundel Spar evicted

Arundel Spar being evicted

Another reason could be it was something personal between the owners of the Spar and the landlord.

They sent this as part of their press release:

Dear Valued Arundel SPAR customers — please be advised that we have regrettably had to close our store today (Friday 7th June 2013) due to an ongoing dispute with our landlord. Whilst we made every effort to remain open, this has unfortunately not transpired.


My Club members are asked to note that all cash / points balances for Arundel Loyalty cards will be transferred across to either Sam Levy’s Village SPAR or The Bridge SPAR, based on each individual members request. We will be in touch with you in due course — please be patient with us while we work through this, as it will take at least a week to process the transfers.

We will keep all our customers posted as events unfold.

We apologise sincerely to all our most valued Arundel customers for this inconvenience and are already working through alternatives to serve all our Arundel and nearby suburb Customers needs.

Whatever it is, it is the talk of the town… Well that end of town. It is horrible for the people who work there, the shops around (they benefited a lot from the stream of traffic to the Spar) and residents of the area who lose access to one of the best stocked shops in Harare. Mind you now they can just go down the road to Groombridge and get what thy like from there.


  • bitchsbrew

    Haaaaa I highly doubt this is about rent. The way stock was just strewn all over the place? So barbaric! It’s a personal matter chete!

    • Rudo

      B.S. I’ve been in this kinda thing countless times, there is always months of tenants shirking obligations while landlord’s trying to get a straight answer but when [hush, it] hits the fan (i.e. landlord has had enough and feels a need to take legal or other action) suddenly tenant is very available and keen to sit down and compromise.