Anti-Corruption Commission Shouldn’t Be Another Form of Window-Dressing

We have seen a lot of commissions in this country. Some were pretty straight-forward while others were a bit creative. Hell, even Harare, the capital city was once run by a commission.

So when there was another commission installed I wondered if it would be another set-up to give the impression of work being done. Let’s face it, commissions all over the world rarely get any work done. I am not saying they are rubbish. I just think they should actually do some work. But this happens if they are given real power. Not just the power to produce reports that the authorities may or may not act on.

How binding the findings and the fingering of rotten apples are is down to the willingness of those who installed the commission to stop the rot. If not, we will have another brilliant policy document, but no implementation.

For the commissioners I will say they are a brave lot. Where graft is concerned there is a lot of dealings under the cover of darkness and desperation might kick in resulting in some unsavoury reactions.

I wish them luck. And that when the bad boys and girls are found, those who have the power, will do something about it.

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