Amy Winehouse Inquest May Be Ruled Invalid Due To Unqualified Coroner

The inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse, may be ruled invalid because the coroner did not have the right qualifications to perform the rule.

The strict guidelines which requiee that Suzanne Greenway should have been a solicitor in the Law Society for at least five years – she had only done two and a half –  and that she should have served as a qualified medical practitioner –  she only trained as a nurse – resulted in her resignation a month after the inquest.

She worked on 30 inquests which could be all ruled out. However this will happen if the verdicts she recorded were challenged in the High Court.

Amy Winehouse died last year and the death was ruled as  an unintended consequence of drinking too much  alcohol.

It does feel a bit like Zimbabwe doesn’t it? Where someone who is supposed to do a job somehow gets through the cracks because there was noone else to do it. Then one day they are found out and everyone acts surprised as if they never knew. She did the job and she did it for a while and the only thing that has forced her to resign is the qualifications, not the competence.

But then again, next minute, I will be treated by a veterinarian because they say he knows how to do the job, right?