Alleged Killer Zimondi Gets Bail

Pritchard Zimondi, the man accused of stabbing his girlfriend Monalisa  Chinomona 15 times earlier this year has been granted by the High Court.

The key argument in the defence’s case has been that the possession of the deceased’s undergarments could not be used as particularly strong evidence against him.

The judgement handed by Judge Joseph Musakwa read:

The issue of undergarments cannot be viewed as a strong case piece of evidence. This is particularly so when the State did not comment on whether they were new or used items.

There is also the fact that no finger prints were found on the murder weapons.

Zimondi is alleged to have killed his girlfriend Monalisa in a grisly murder at her home after she had dumped him. Murder charges were raised against him. He denies involvement in her murder.

As it stands we are not sure what to think. Could this be another case of police incompetence or…