Alleged Female Rapists Strike In SA

South African police are on the hunt for three women they say raped a man at gunpoint.

Contrast - Gunpoint
JesseRad / Foter / CC BY

According to News24a 33 year-old man was standing by the road at 8 in the morning in Port Elizabeth when 3 women with a black BMW stopped and asked him for directions.

They forced him into the car at gunpoint and took him into an open area where they made him ‘drink’ something before taking turns to rape him.

They made off from the scene with his semen in a cooler box, it is said.

We are not sure if these are the same women who took to Zimbabwe’s highways two years ago where they allegedly did violated men. Either that or we could have a couple of copycats. Kinda feels like something from Investigation Discovery doesn’t it?

Oh well…