African Union Too Soft and Weak

The African Union barked last night. On Africa Day they sent ‘a clear unambiguous message to [its] partners, both bilateral and multilateral on the need for them to recognise and support Africa’s ownership of efforts to restore peace on the continent.’

“Some international players seem to be denying Africa any significant role in the seach for a solution to the Libyan conflict,” African Union Commission chief Jean Ping said.

But this is two months later. France, US et al and then NATO have been bombing Lybia for 2 months and suddenly the AU grows some testicles and urges NATO to stop.

Urges? Urges? Really? And what if they don’t want and they tell you where to stick your urges?

You see, the AU is all hot air. All talk and no action. Sometimes they are not even that good at talking and it seems as if they are happy to let someone else hijack their cause unless someone like Robert Mugabe comes and kicks up a fuss. And then they act like they were on the ball all along.

Right now, the group has no official position on the recolonisation of Africa. In fact I think some of them are happy to see it happen. Maybe not actively but they just couldn’t be bothered to fight for the causes.

It’s a bloody joke. And these are the people that are supposed to lead the way for us.