Libya: Africa Finally Grows Some Balls

The stance taken by the African Union to refuse to recognise the NATO’s National Transitional Council in LIbya as the sole representative and government of LIbya is, albeit a little late, a sign that the AU may have grow some balls after all.

After watching as NATO had its way with the North African country with the sum-protest of a three Grade 3 students disagreeing with the action taken by a headmaster, it all looked as if the AU would just fall into line and sing the tune.

However, a bold stance, largely due to some of the continental powerhouses taking a stand on the issue seems to be at play. It remains to be seen whether this is just posturing before the body falls into the line of the colonial force.

If the above is true, it will signal a new era in which foreign interventions will become the norm and puppets installed to further objectives of the invaders.

Today, it is Libya. Tomorrow it might be you.