At Least 5 People Dead In Chitungwiza Explosion

Reports are that there have been multiple deaths  an explosion in the Zengeza 2 surbub of Chitungwiza in as yet ‘unexplained circumstances.’

Local independent radio station Star FM says that the explosion happened at the home of a traditional healer. The traditional healer is one of four adults dead.

Chitungwiza is located 30 km from Harare.

Other reports on social say the deaths are as many as 12 but these have not been confirmed.

Police have since cordoned off the street where the explosion happened.

Chitungwiza bomb plast pic courtersy of @braveryb

Chitungwiza bomb plast pic courtersy of @braveryb

17:47 CAT – UPDATE: Alistair Bhowa on the ground in Chirungwiza says 8 people have been confirmed dead and three houses have been destroyed on Ndororo street in Zengeza 2

17:57 CAT –  UPDATE: The explosion happened at number  4 Ndororo Street Zengeza 2, Chitungwiza

18:05 CAT –  UPDATE: Police Bomb Disposal Unit says it is NOT a bomb that caused the explosion. Investigations persist.

19:02 CAT –  UPDATE 12 houses around the area of the blast were affected with windows being shattered and roofs being blown off