3 Pints Only Alcohol Bill Dangerous

The Zimbabwe Government’s Health Advisor Dr Timothy Stamp is on a crusade to cut down alcohol consumption. A noble cause I say but then there is something he wants to have in place.

One of the most controversial is the limit on the number of pints a bar is allowed to serve an individual both pedestrian and driving. So what is the new mantra? Don’t drink and walk? Will there be a policeman standing behind you in your favourite bar ready to tell you that you have had ‘enough’? When you walk out of your favourite watering hole will the police be standing outside with a breathaliser?

Fact is we are risking setting up a heavily policed state. Instead of encouraging personal responsibility we are criminalising things that can common sense can take care of.

Sure some of the time restrictions are fine but at the end of the day instead creating fewer regulations to effectively govern we are creating more.

Do I think that there is abuse of alcohol in Zimbabwe? Yes. And a lot of it leads to tragic consequences some of which we have made reference to here.

Are we really that anxious to produce a new gang of criminals. Much like the prohibition days in the United States? Seedy places that noone knows where common sense is exercised? And of course once you have those, there is nothing stopping those places from then having all types of other vices available.

Do we really want that? Stop and think, Dr Stamps.

  • Hahaha! Is this for real? I don’t drink but I can’t see how this law is going to be practically applied. suggestions any one? I’m imagining trying to gain compliance from all these drunkards that I see daily and I’m just laughing !

    • It is a bit ridiculous. I mean, really. Did he think before he made some of those suggestions? When last did he go out? Does he know what is going on, on the ground… with all due respect