25 New Radio Stations In Two Months!

Zimbabwe plans to license 25 new radio stations across the country in the next two months if it can afford to,  says Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Secretary George Charamba.

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Charamba, in speaking before the parliamentary portfolio committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services said that the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe was in the process of shortlisting candidates.

He was speaking specifically about the budget allocation for his ministry and Treasury saying that he  can only get the money as the revenue comes in.

25 sounds awesome doesn’t it? You wonder if there really will be 25 or was that Charamba stessing a point about the need for revenue in light of what the government is trying to get done. Don’t get us wrong, we fully think that there will be quite a few radio stations. Listen to our interview with Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Supa Mandiwanzira where he spoke about this, here. However, 25 in two months in light of the fact that the pronouncement recently was that there would only be one new station per town/city type thing is a bit much.

That said, what we hope is that the stations are really from those regions and not some Harare company just setting up a station  in Gwanda type thing. Local companies must spearhead the setting up of stations so that their narrative is not dictated from another town.

But 25 hey… Wow.

With information from The Herald Zimbabwe

  • Jimmy

    I think what we need is more TV stations instead. I think they should also open up the TV broadcasting license.

    • That is happening. Minister said there would be 40 TV stations after digitalization.

  • Nyasha Themba Dhliwayo

    Twenty- five might be a long shot, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and will benefit the local media landscape, especially the all-important listener. Larry I hope you applied for a Radio 3-Mob license?