2,000 Convicts Out On The Streets

Over 2,000 convicted criminals are out on the streets because the state does not have the resources to deal with their appeals in the requisite time.

Not only that some of them have even skipped bail and buggered off. In amongst this band of miscreants are carjackers, rapists, armed robbers and fraudsters who of course while out continue with their chosen career paths.

Zimbabwe simply doesn’t have the money to furnish the courts which are dealing with just 12 appeals a weak against a waiting list of 1,500.

Police have confirmed that some of the armed robbers on the prowl right now are those on appeal right now.

You would think that one of the biggest things in crime prevention is making sure that the perpetrators do not get back on the streets. Sadly we can’ find the $290,000 needed to make sure that doesn’t happen although that money is easily allocated to MPs who want plush cars to go and visit constituencies.

Or the rumour that some of those MPs and Ministers want golden handshakes should they be removed from office come the elections later this year.


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